Make sure to get Custom Functions v1 (Last updated 21-09-2018) as the WA will not work without it.

In the Strings section, you will find import strings for both the Sender and Notes WA. If you are logged in on the website, it should also show notifications if there has been any update since the last time you were here.

Only one person in your raid should have active Sender at any time. That person is also required to plug data into the Sender (on how to do that, refer to the next section), which will be distributed to all users that have Notes active after encounter start. If someone is not assigned to anything, but is still using Notes, nothing will appear for them other then fight timer and it will use minimal resources so none should feel encouraged to turn it on/off depending if they are assigned to something or not.

Let's go over how to get the necessary data that we can plug in-game into the Sender. We will use the Converter tool on top-right. You write the assignments that you want converted in the left panel and get necessary data on the right one, which you then have to copy in-game inside "On-Init" section of sender (click on expand and overwrite any existing content).

The format to follow for writing notes is following(for each line):
timestamp - playerName spellName {+ playerName spellName}*
* part is optional, in case you want to assign multiple things to the same timestamp (without curly braces {} of course)(there can be as many of these additional assignments as you want, as long as you start all of them with +)
timestamp format is following: minute:second, eg. 02:31
playerName is just name of player, but make sure it's exact match of what you will find in-game. Same goes for spellName

Make sure when writing these notes in Converter to follow linear order, in sense that every new timestamp is always greater or equal then the previous(unless it's in a new phase(will explain later), then it can be whatever)

So for example, following text in the Converter will produce following output(you can find full input/output on bottom of the page):

What notes during encounter would look like:

2 things to note here:

1st - As you can see, there are lines "P2" and "P3" in the Converter, which means all following assignments will be assigned to appropriate phase. Logical question here is, how/when do these phase changes occur exactly. The answer is that you have to encode some logic/trigger in the Sender which will tell all active Notes WAs when to switch phase. I will specify later on which ones i have written so far, of course anyone can also add their own, but some knowledge of LUA will be required.

Obviously, using this feature is not necessary as you can always put all the timers in the same phase. However, this can be extremely useful when dps variance is big and can skew timers one way or the other. For example, on Argus, no matter how fast/slow we push dps in P1/P2, my timers for P3 remain correct because they only start counting down after last intermission (and all timers after that point on are completely fixed).

2nd - You can notice some spell names are abbreviated. You can also customize this yourself in the "On-Init" section of the Notes:

Finally, let's see where we can find phase transition triggers and which ones there are currently.

You can find the following code in Custom Trigger part of Sender

As far as Uldir goes, currently there are only phase change triggers for Taloc and Zul.
For Taloc, phase 2 triggers when boss gains buff "Powered Down" and phase 3 when he loses it.
For Zul, P2 will trigger when he finishes casting "Locus of Corruption".

By default, the Notes WA is set in raider mode which means it will only display assignments related to your character. However, if you wish to see all the available assignments, you need to go into Custom Trigger part of Notes and comment out the line that says aura_env.mode = "raider" by putting 2 dashes(--) in front of that line and remove comments from the previous line aura_env.mode = "officer"